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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Teaching/Training with Technology-Part 4

This post is still about technology but it actually is a compilation of "finds" from my other online teaching certificate course about student assessment.This technology can be used specifically for online assessment. Certainly some of these can be used for "training" in HR as well. For example the first one here (Crossword Compiler), I have used in both HR training programs (HR Basics to name one) as well as my HR Mgmt course at the University. I have not used EclipseCrossword but it is free too.

As an overall resource I found a list of technology tools on this website. Question Mark was also mentioned in my readings and seems to have alot of HR applications as well. Matter of fact as I reviewed their site they had logo's of several organizations for which I was very familiar. There were several online Quiz locations that you could pay for like Quizinator and QuizStar. I prefer the one's that are free because as most realize, we don't have much of a budget as a teacher. Typical, is it not?

In researching a Power Point game template, I discovered some additional Power Point online training. This would be great for a new trainer (as long as your not preparing for an unconference) as well as a student who needs to to a presentation for my class. Another very interesting discovery that I had never heard of is a WebQuest. This is where all of the work comes from the Internet. It is interesting that this was designed in 1995. I recall having taken a job in late 1994 where I was expecting as a Corporate Trainer to have a computer to do my job and did not. However, I recall the other trainer I worked with talking about this thing called "The Internet". I had no idea what it was back then so my mind is even more boggled now that there was something classed a WebQuest and folks were using it to educate. I must have been behind the times back then. I really like the APA WebQuest as I require students in my classes to use this format for all papers.

Very interesting finds for technology as it relates to Student/Learner/Participant Assessment.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Teaching/Training with Technology-Part 3

This week I am a bit rushed at posting my blog for the #TT1131 class scrapbook because I soon will be on a plane heading to #SHRM11 in Las Vegas, NV. I am especially looking forward to seeing Keith Urban (aka @KeithUrban on twitter) perform for several thousand of us "HR Geeks" Tuesday night. In the meantime, I have homework (as do my Organizational Behavior students).

The title of this weeks blog is hyperlinked to a new site I discoverd in class called It can be used in class to poll students about their opinion regarding a specific topic. For example, I might ask "How many of you have had a lousy manager?" (no really I would ask that) and then we could see the results and discuss why that might be. Usually the brown nose answer (just kidding) would be "because they have not taken your Organzational Behavior class Ms. Rogers". Seriously though, it can be used in face-to-face (F2F) or online classes for a variety of content related questions that could get students more intersted in the topic especially when they can see the results. Like this sample question I asked about our upcoming state ILSHRM conference to be held in Oakbrook, IL August 22 & 23: What are you looking forward to at #ILSHRM11?

Other things we covered is the use of Wiki's and Blogs in the classroom. I have used Blogs in my HR Managment classroom for over a year now. I typically give students a list of blogs where I know the author and am comfortable with their content as it relates to our text and my own contributions to thier learning. They must visit 10 different blogs all semester and answer a few questions about the blog post they chose & the blogger then blog themself about it using our internal classroom online blog set up in blackboard. I need to do some editing of my own blog site as a result of what I learned in this class so I can just send them to my sites (future blogroll) to view "pre-approved" HR blog sites. I have only used Wiki's as a student and have to do some more research to determine their applicability in my classroom.

Finally, I found out a little history about blogging via this video:

More to come! If your going to #SHRM11 look me up via @DonnaRogersHR. I will be tweeting live!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Teaching/Training with Technology-Part 2

Well this is my second post in a series for the class I mentioned in my first post. My scrapbook so to speak! I am now at the end of week one and just posted my reflection for this weeks module. My number one learning (teachable moment) from this week came from a website experience that I linked to this weeks title (Diigo). It's a bookmark site where you can keep track of great articles you read, sites you browse and want to go back to or just anything of interest. I am still trying to digest it's use in the class or within the HR profession but it was an interesting new find.

The second thing that was a bit more concerning and will require me to do some more research is taking into consideration FERPA when requiring students to open a twitter or linked in account as part of their deliverables. I have certainly not considered this before because it is my understanding that the law is related to privacy of grades and how one is doing in the class. I don't see my current assignments infringing on this at all but as I said I need to do some more research. It sure has opened my eyes a bit though!

Finally, a fellow classmate shared this video which I found very telling! From an HR perspective we need to do a little PR with regard to the Teaching profession because this guys comments can certainly affect morale. Another thing we ought to do is a compensation survey. At least from personal perspective pay is definitely an issue and the salary "spread" is larger than I have ever seen in my entire HR career. That includes the executive comp that I have managed too!

Until next week!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Teaching/Training with Technology-Part 1

I know at least my twitter followers are aware that I have been incorporating technology into my teaching for a while now as they have watch several posts go by with #UIS431 in them. However, if you don't learn something new every day we tend to get a little stale. I am working on a Master Certification in Online Teaching. This summer I am taking course 3 & 4 out of 6 required towards that goal. I am learning about student assessment and teaching technology. As homework for the technology course, over the next seven weeks I will be taking a class requiring me to blog more than I do (currently once a month) and specifically highlighting new technologies that I am learning about. Specifically, my blog is going to be my scrapbook with at least the following items:
-social networking/media
-a tool for asynchronous communication
-a tool for synchronous communication
-an example of ready-made content
-some content you've produced on your own
-whatever your produced in the 7th week (survey or teach-back)
-an elective .... something new you'd like to try
-a link to your Diigo account,
-showing at least 3 bookmarks you saved during the term.
-your 23 Things post

So I tell you this today as my regular "HR" followers might wonder what is going on but as usual I will definitely try to relate it back to our field in one way or the other so as not to bore you. Besides not knowing what Diigo account is there is alot I will be learning and look forward to sharing.