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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Calling All Strategic HR Mgt Contributors

The 2nd in a series about Strategic Human Resources Management:

This is the second in a series of posts related to the Strategic Human Resources Management course I am teaching here at the University of Illinois Springfield.  This is a shout out to all those I have researched and the students will be researching who are considered by others as contributors to the field.  In addition, it is my way of asking for advice, information, and suggestion on who else might be out there that I have yet to run across. Since the names will be researched and papers will be written on each of them individually to learn more about the field and what contributions have been made, I am specifically searching out those who have published or speak regularly about the topic.  So if you have a moment please comment with any insight you may have and/or share this blog post with others you think may be helpful.  In the meantime, here is our first stab at a shout out for Strategic HRM contributors:

1.       Angel Baron
2.       Bill Conaty
3.       Dave Lurich, 
4.       Ed Lawler, 
5.       Ed Schein, 
6.       Farhad Analoui
7.       George Dreher
8.       Gerry Lake, 
9.       Greg Stewart
10.   Jac Fitz-enz, 
11.   Jack Phillips
12.   Jeffrey Mello
13.   John Purcell
14.   Julia Connell
15.   Kenneth Brown
16.   Micheal Armstrong
17.   Micheal Losey, 
18.   Norm Smallwood, 
19.   Peter Boxall
20.   Ralph Christensen
21.   Randall Schuler
22.   Stephen Teo
23.   Susan Jackson
24.   Thomas Dougherty
25.   Wayne Brockbank,

Don't forget about the upcoming SHRM conference specifically covering this topic of Strategy.

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