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Friday, February 28, 2014

2013 Blog Posts

Annually, I am required to do a review of my work for submission to the college review board.  Blogging is just an add on because the academic world does not recognize blogging as a legit contribution to the profession as does most of the media.  Regardless, it takes time and based on feedback I have received on occasion it helps people now and then.  So here is a list of my blog posts written for five different sites (Talent Culture, Women of HR, IL SHRM, IL Chamber to include this one previously known as DonnaRogersHR) in 2013.

2013 Blog List
Location  Date  Title 
Women of HR 17-Jan-13 SHRM Conference Highlight: Meet the Illinois State Council of SHRM 
Donna Rogers HR  1-Feb-13 Where Does Time Go? Productive or trash worthy? 
Donna Rogers HR  10-Feb-13 #ILSHRM13 - You, Your Team and Your Culture, We've Got You Covered! 
IL Chamber 11-Feb-13 Can Social Media Positively Impact Wellness?
ILSHRM 13-Feb-13 The Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades
Donna Rogers HR  14-Feb-13  A Look in the Mirror: 2012 A Year in Review  
Donna Rogers HR  18-Feb-13  What is the MAC? A "SHRM" Term  
Donna Rogers HR  27-Feb-13 Job Opening  
Donna Rogers HR  15-Mar-13 2013 HRCI Approved HR Webinars - 2HRs Each 
Donna Rogers HR  15-Mar-13 Register for ILSHRM/CIC-SHRM Legislative Conference 
Donna Rogers HR & ILSHRM 25-Mar-13 A Students Look at 2013 Illinois State HR Games 
Donna Rogers HR  7-Apr-13  Tell the SHRM Mac What You Think  
Donna Rogers HR  21-Apr-13 HR & Religious Institutions  
Donna Rogers HR  24-Apr-13 Would it all Fall apart if Human Resource Professionals Did Not Exist? 
Donna Rogers HR  25-Apr-13 Live on "Internet Radio"  
Donna Rogers HR  10-May-13 2013 1st Official NCR SHRM MAC Update  
Donna Rogers HR  22-May-13 Pre-Approved HR Webinars 
Donna Rogers HR  28-Jun-13 SHRM NCR MAC Update 
Donna Rogers HR  2-Jul-13 Independence Keepers- It's all in the family 
Donna Rogers HR  12-Jul-13 MAC Meetings With "the Boards" Feedback  
Donna Rogers HR  30-Jul-13 Will I See You At ILSHRM13? 
Donna Rogers HR  28-Oct-13 My First State Conference Prezi  
Donna Rogers HR  1-Nov-13 Fall North Central MAC Update  
Women of HR 12-Nov-13 School Selection Compared to Job Selection
Donna Rogers HR  13-Nov-13 Concealed Carry Signage for IL Business 
Donna Rogers HR  25-Nov-13 Post Leadership North Central MAC Update  
Talent Culture  29-Nov-13 Survival Tips for HR Departments of One  

Thursday, February 20, 2014

2014 HR Webcast Series Now Available

Guess What? With all the stress in my life of late (since November), I finally got around to getting my 2014 HR Webcast Schedule put together! These are all pre-approved for 2 General HRCI Credits.  Please share!

04/17/14 - Understanding the PPACA and How it Impacts Your Business
05/01/14 - Conducting Employee Opinion Surveys
05/15/14 - Developing or Revising Your Company Handbook
05/22/14 - Employee Harassment and Discrimination Awareness Training
05/29/14 - Conducting Your Own HR Audit
08/21/14 - Affirmative Action Plan: Where do I start?
09/11/14 - Conducting a Salary Comparability Study
09/25/14 - Social Media for Employers
10/09/14 - Conducting Employee Disciplinary Investigations
10/23/14 - Hire and Develop Top Employees
11/13/14 - Ready or Not!!! Good Employee Relations is Here to Stay
12/11/14 - Administering ADA/FMLA in the Workplace