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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lucky 13

A Letter to Family, Friends,Clients, & Business Associates:

The summer HR intern and I have been conducting a full client file review for all organizations Rogers HR Consulting (RHRC) has worked with and/or provided proposals for since I began the business in 2001. While this was a big project and well overdue it was essential to learn from each client where we stand as a vendor and see how we can support the organizations goals in the future.

What we discovered in this process was just how lucky RHRC has been to support such a vast variety of organizations over these past 13 years. Most of our success is because of the word of mouth from people like you. We don't have a budget to advertise and frankly don't have time due to my teaching responsibilities throughout the year in addition to client work. Thus your referrals are and will continue to be greatly appreciated!

The following is a summary of the services we have provided to over 100 organizations in order from most to least popular.

· Employee & Management Training
· Employee Handbooks
· HR Department Audit
· Career Development
· Recruiting, Interview, & Selection Advice
· Employment Law Advice/Compliance
· Management Advice
· Safety Plan Development
· Job Descriptions
· Salary Plan Development
· Compensation Studies
· HR Forms Development
· Affirmative Action Plans
· Exemption Status Audit
· Staff Planning
· Employee Opinion Surveys

This next list is an example of the various types of organizations we have served:

· Associations
· Banks
· Chambers of Commerce
· City Government Offices
· Colleges and Universities
· Construction and Engineering Companies
· Dentist Offices
· Factories
· Farm Supply Companies
· Food Service Providers
· Insurance Agencies
· Jewelry, Retail, and Home Decor Stores
· Labor Unions
· Manufacturers
· Medical Offices
· Non-Profits
· Pharmaceutical Companies
· Photography Studios
· Private Elementary Schools
· Professional and Trade Organizations
· Rental Companies
· Seminar and Training Providers
· Social Service Agencies
· Staffing and Employment Agencies
· Utility Providers
· Vet Clinics

Quality HR expertise and customer service is very important to us and we would like to do our best to serve business leaders like yourself and those you refer to us in the future. I continue to give all new potential clients their first hour free so all inquiries are zero obligation. I appreciate your continued support so feel free to pass this along: check us out at, call me at 2174141297 or email me at

Thanks Again! Take care and have a fabulous summer.