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Friday, February 5, 2016

Highlights from 2015

Well, it's time once again for reflection, documentation, and most importantly improvement.  I have personally had quite a hectic year.  Actually, it's been a couple hectic years with the loss of three of my four family members of origin (dad, brother, and now mom).  My second brother and I are the only one's who are left in the family and we have certainly taken a big hit as the last two were sudden and unexpected.  As a result, my available time for blogging has really taken a hit going from an average of 28 posts since my first full year of blogging in 2011 to 15 and 12 the last two years.  I don't expect this coming year to be any better because my brothers trial should be coming up soon depending on grand jury decision in March.  He was pushed off the road by what we suspect to be a drunk driver.  Later this month on February 27th will be one year since the incident and the person has yet to be arrested or charged.

So getting back to business the first post was a short announcement called Going Live about my 2/2/15 Drive Thru HR blog talk radio show interview.  The idea was to invite my co-speaker Dave Ryan onto the show with me to talk about HR Department of one which was the topic of our upcoming (at the time) SHRM presentation.  However, I really was disappointed at how that talk turned out.  I would not recommend that interview as a good listen because it just didn't flow well nor talk much about the intended topic.

Then of course my annual blogging summary called 2014 A Year In Review followed by a post inspired by a client who had an employee banned from delivering to a client due to a lack of emathy towards one of that customers employees called Employer Mandated Training.  Then I took a few months off to deal with my brothers death.  Upon my return I posted a short post "Blogging: It's Been A While" about upcoming speaking engagements with Dave one HRDeptof1 in Missouri and SHRM15.

Over the summer I hit the blog once a month (or at least someone did).
  • The first post in June was by a student, friend, and UIS SHRM board member Joe Schwiekert about the
  • The second post in July was another guest post by Lisa Green Brady about How Often Does a Background Check Include Social Media
  • I hit it big in August with two different posts about #MOSHRM.  Well I was on the Social Media Blog Squad for that conference in addition to speaking so I better do my job, right? Anyway, the two posts were "Learn A New" or "Snag Some Swag in #MOSHRM15 Exhibition Hall where I tried to encourage attendees to go in with a positive attitude of learning and not shy away due to sales people.  You really can learn a great deal when you make that your goal for attending the exhibition.  I know I have especially about #HRTech.  The second was to share some great ideas about conference planning which I had been a part of since 2001.  #MOSHRM Conference Ingenuity was awesome and definitely worth a shout out.
In September, I had the honor of being interviewed by WTAX radio morning show about the State of the Union Membership in Illinois.  Since I did some research for the show, I didn't want what I had learned to not be shared in other ways so I blogged about the findings. The radio show summary story was Professor: Unions Strong in Illinois But Costly. This interview can be found on Focus 9/13 podcast as well. Start on 15:08 to 21:15 as there are other interviews on this podcast in addition to my interview.

The later September post was dedicated to a good friend of mine, Steve Browne who had just finished two years on the SHRM Membership Council which I too served on the year prior to him. He was running for the SHRM Board and did end up getting elected which was the focus and call to action of my post.  

The last two posts of the year were actually links to personal pieces I wrote on the multi-contributor site I have been writing for since 2010 Women of HR. The first was directed at management for them to get a perspective of what it is like for employee's who only have a minimal amount of berevement leave called Beareavement Leave FAILS When It Comes to Flexibility.  It was a very personal journey of what I experienced after the tragic death of my brother whom I mentioned earlier in this post.  Finally, the last blog post of the year was written as I prepared for an ucoming (at the time) talk for Association for Women In Communications about Getting What You Want In the Workplace.  My advice to this room full of women amounted to five steps that evolved from years of experience:
The post actually referred to several of my past writings such as: The Perfect 10, Credibility Goes Beyond Your Credentials, Bride to Be = Discouraged Employee and Is "She" Really a "BITCH" in the Workplace.